Best Anniversary Dinner in Almonte…

What do you do when you have a special occasion to celebrate (like your 39th Wedding Anniversary) and you can’t decide WHICH of your favourite restaurants to celebrate at? You simply choose them ALL! That’s what I planned for our anniversary dinner this year – and we had a blast! It’s called a “Progressive Dinner”, and I made reservations at each of the locations for a one-hour window, and then we were able to walk our way between each of the locations and get the best of everything! I find that sitting down to eat a big meal at a restaurant always leaves me feeling too full, so I was excited to do little samplings at each of the restaurants, with a little “stroll” in between to at least keep moving!

Almonte Riverside Inn & Lobby Bar: Located on Bridge Street, right beside the bridge, the former Judges’ house was converted to an Inn and Lobby Bar several years ago. The Almonte Lobby Bar is a fun spot to stop in for a drink and a bite. Our first stop at the Lobby Bar had Hunter as our cook and Angie playing bartender. (They are also the owners of the Lobby Bar!) We started our anniversary celebration with one of Angie’s signature cocktails – the Jamaican-something-or-other, which Ken LOVED! We shared the Halloumi Caprese Salad and the Mushrooms on Toast – because they were both too delicious to choose only one of.

Café Postino: Our next stop was on Mill Street, in the Old Almonte Post Office. I am a pretty “fussy” wine drinker – I like what I like and I would rather drink water than suffer with a wine that I don’t like! Café Postino often features both a red and white, so I was very happy to find a beautiful full-bodied California Cabernet Sauvignon being offered on our special night. (My back-up would have been a glass of Prosecco!) We were very happy to share a plate of Deep-Fried Calamari. Calories don’t count on anniversaries, just in case you were wondering!

Heirloom Café Bistro: Chef (and owner) Richard Kletnieks was very happy to oblige with our one-hour reservation for a Friday night. Heirloom has also started to feature a seasonal cocktail menu, but Ken was very happy to settle for a glass of Scotch – his favourite drink. We shared a Charcuterie Platter, which featured some beautiful cheeses and meats from Peche et Poivre, our favorite cheese shop in Almonte. It was a perfect sampling of charcuterie.

Joe’s Italian Kitchen: Almonte’s newest restaurant and becoming one of our favourites, is right below Heirloom Café. Not much of a walk between courses but that’s okay. I figured we had several options here. IF we weren’t feeling particularly full of our other courses we could always share one of their delicious pizzas. We have two favourites there – the Joe Pesci or the Sophia Laurent, so we would not be hungry. Alternatively, we could order a cappuccino and share a dessert! And, we decided we were already full of our other courses, so we shared the Panna Cotta dessert and each had a cappuccino.

We had a fantastic evening celebrating and enjoying as many of Almonte’s wonderful restaurants as we could cram into an evening. This was a really fun evening and I would gladly do it again – with a group of friends (and permission from the restaurants too).

If you decide to do an Almonte Date Night Progressive Dinner, feel free share your photos with me on Facebook and Instagram!

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