Best Places to Host a Birthday Party…

Now that the kids are back to school there will be invitations to birthday parties… lots of invitations! You may even be planning a party for your own child. It seems that in recent years party plans have become more elaborate and sophisticated, with taking all the parties to a movie-theatre and then out for a meal.

There are lots of great local options, that don’t have to break the bank, and yet will leave the birthday boy or girl feeling duly celebrated and ensure that the guests have a good time as well.

Carleton Place Swimming Pool: Most kids love to swim, and the CP Swimming Pool has a “party package” that allows you to bring up to 25 guests (includes 2 life-guards) for an hour for $188.75 plus the party-room rental for $32.50 for 1 hour. You provide your own food and snacks – and this is a great way to tire out the birthday guests with some physical activity.’ Turkeys Bowling Alley: Looking for something a little slower-paced or a little less physical? Chasin’ Turkeys is located on Bridge Street in Carleton Place. Under new ownership since 2018, they now offer several “party packages” from #1 – Hot Dog Package for $195 + HST for 8 guests; to #2 1-Slice Pizza Party also for $195 + HST for 8; to #3 2-Slice Pizza Party at $220 + HST for 8 guests. This is a great birthday idea, for a variety of ages! World: Located on Industrial Avenue in Carleton Place, is a great option for a birthday party with kids of various ages. (We started a birthday celebration there with a 60-year-old-birthday-boy… just sayin!) With a combination of trampolines, softplay for little ones, wall climbing and a select few virtual reality games (not my favourite!), they offer 3 different party packages – Silver, Gold or Platinum.

For Teens: Depending on the age of your teen, there are many great suggestions of at-home themed parties, that with a little imagination and creativity, will have all the guests enjoying themselves. Reality Television Shows such as Survivor or Fear Factor or American Ninja Warrior provide a great theme for a birthday party. The internet, including Google and Etsy, provide excellent party plans including menu suggestions.

For Adults: A current popular trend is the Escape Room games, where guests are teamed up to solve a mystery and get themselves out of a locked room in a timed period by solving clues collectively. While there are many Escape Room venues in the city, the Diefenbunker is much closer to home (in Carp) and promises to offer an affordable and fun evening. Guests can reconvene at The Swan Pub for some nibbles and drinks afterwards to discuss the evening and continue the party. Party with Games: Back in the old days, well at list in the 1960’s – 1990’s, the way we used to celebrate a birthday party was to host it at home, with a few party games like Pin-the-Tail-on-the-Donkey or Pass the Parcel or Memory Recount (look at a tray of items for 45 seconds and then write down all the items you remember). The games would be followed with lunch or a snack, cake, opening the gifts and then send the party-goers home with a loot bag.

I’d love to hear about your favourite birthday-party celebration locally. Be sure to share with me on Facebook or Instagram!

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