T’was the Night Before Christmas and in comes a SHOWING REQUEST!!!

T’was the Night Before Christmas and in comes a SHOWING REQUEST!!!
A showing on the night before Christmas may be a touch dramatic BUT the reality is, many people have their homes listed for sale over the holidays and, of course, you want to be accommodating when prospective buyers request a showing. Realtor.com says that “the weekends before Christmas and New Year’s Eve have some of the highest traffic of the year!” Cold weather buyers generally mean business so here are some tips to help
you make the showings count!


Winter Wonderland!

When fall arrives and the trees start to lose their leaves, maintaining the exterior of your home becomes even more important. Your home is potentially more exposed now with bare trees in your yard so it’s more important than ever to touch up the paint, clean the gutters and spruce up the yard. Also be sure to keep buyers’ safety in mind by making sure stairs and walkways are free of snow, ice and leaves.

Deck the halls…..but not too much!

A festive touch can add to the beauty of your home but be careful to not go overboard! Too many decorations, or adornments that are too large can overwhelm a space and distract potential buyers. Large decorations may take up precious space or make your rooms seems cluttered. If you are someone who LOVES Christmas decorating just put all of your efforts into daydreaming about Christmas in your New home!

Baby it’s Cold Outside!

Make your home feel warm and inviting during showings by cranking up the heat, playing soft classical music and offering homemade holiday treats. Encouraging buyers to spend more time in your home gives them more time to admire its best features.

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